Social Policy Evaluation

This line of research research evaluates selected social policies, primarily in the domain of education. I have also undertaken an evaluation of a large aid program of the German Development Ministry to the Democratic Republic of Congo. This line of research employs causal inference methods such as regression discontinuity designs.


Pellicer, M. and P. Piraino Effect of non-personnel resources on educational outcomes: Evidence from South Africa” (forthcoming EDCC, with Patrizio Piraino)

Pellicer, M. “The evolution of returns to education in the Middle East and North Africa: Evidence from comparable education policy reforms in Tunisia” (forthcoming, Economics of Education Review)

Chelwa, G. M. Pellicer, and M. Maboshe “Teachers Pay and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from the Rural Hardship Allowance in Zambia” (forthcoming, South African Journal of Economics)

 Funded Projects

“The impact of teacher pay on the quality, retention and productivity of teachers in Zambia” (with Grieve Chelwa; 13,000 Euros). International Growth Center, London School of Economics.

“Impact Evaluation of the Peace Consolidation Fund (FCP), Democratic Republic of Congo” (with Eva Wegner and Alexander De Juan, 155,000 Euros). KfW/ German Ministry of Economic Cooperation. Evaluation of a 70 million Euros Peace Consolidation Fund in the Democratic Republic of Congo.